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The Myths of High Intensity PEMF Devices

The Big Fat Myths of High Intensity Systems
There are several PEMF devices on the market that use ridiculously high intensities upwards to 2 Tesla which is almost 100,000 stronger than the DC (direct current or static) field strength of the earth.
These systems have an ENORMOUS profit margin so beware of overzealous marketers and sellers of these machines in making exaggerated claims in order to make a sale. Many distributors make over $6000 selling just one of these high intensity machines.Read this article along with this website and my book on PEMF before you jump into a big purchase you will regret.
The Dangers of High Voltage PEMF Devices

All these high voltage machines are basically modeled after the original Papimi PEMF device, which was outlawed by the FDA in 2005.

These devices are sold in different packing and under various names and are clones of the old PAP-IMI devices

These papimi-like machines are VERY expensive starting at about $10,000 and going up in price to over $30,000. They use VERY HIGH intensity coils shooting “bursts” of pulsed magnetic fields for just microseconds.

Also its important to note that the random discharges of energy create frequency spectrum containing both good and harmful PEMF frequencies.

Unfortunately the dangerous radio and microwave frequencies similar to cell phones, cordless phones, etc. are present too and at very high intensities (upwards to 30,000 volts and over one Tesla magnetic field strengths).

So basically its like sitting next to a high voltage power line. I personally know a couple health practitioners that STOPPED using these devices because of the irritating nature of high voltage energies.

These systems are VERY expensive and use intensities that are potentially dangerous if not under expert guidance.

Again the key is frequency resonance, not intensity, so it’s best to avoid these machines unless under direct supervisor of a healthcare professional trained in using these devices.
It is worthwhile reading the article below to see the potential dangers: