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Are you suffering with Pain?

Have you tried everything to ease your Arthritis, Back, Hip, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Imagine living a future without pain

Welcome to the World of PEMF iMRS

(The invisible treatment your Health Practitioner may not of heard of. No pills and no side effects)

Pulsed Electromagnetic fields”. (iMRS – Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation). Has been widely used in Europe where it has been a standard therapy. It uses moving magnets, energy waves that change the way your body copes with pain.

What does the PEMF iMRS do?

The PEMF iMRS helps to regenerate our cells such that we can feel alive and well again, stimulating cell metabolism, charging the cells using the natural magnetic waves that gently, flows through the body creating a bio electric current of healing effects on a cellular level that improves overall health.

PEMF is important to all of us as is oxygen, water, food and sleep which is also essential. We may be able do without food and water for days but we can’t survive without PEMF. It is recognized that cells, organs, atoms, our body and its tissues are all electric. Just like a car needs oxygen, fuel and an ignition (spark plug), so does the human cell needs fuel, oxygen and a “spark plug” or ignition.

Static and Pulsating magnets:

What’s the difference?

PEMFs are frequency-based, applied to either the whole body or parts of the body.  PEMFs may only be needed for short periods of time, while the effects last for many hours, setting in motion cellular and whole-body changes to restore and maintain balance in metabolism and health. The body does not acclimate, or “get used to,” the healthy energy signals of therapeutic PEMFs, even if used for a long time, compared to magnets.

Stationary (or “static”), non-varying, magnetic fields from magnets have fixed strengths. They are used in mattresses, bracelets, knee wraps and the like. Most have very shallow penetration into the body, resulting in a very limited ability to affect deeper tissues, and they rarely treat all the cells of the body simultaneously. Only skilled practitioners may guide you to get the best results from these approaches